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نحن صانعو هواتف Nokia. أنت في المكان الصحيح. 👍

New devices – and more

We had a lot to bring to IFA this year. Here’s a run-down of our latest products and announcements.

Nokia X30 5G

Eco-friendly to its core with a body made from 100% recycled aluminum and 65% recycled plastic. Plus, it features our best PureView camera experience to date.

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Nokia G60 5G

Not only does it deliver on performance, it’s also built to last longer using 60% recycled plastic. If that’s not enough, you’ll love the 6.58” FHD+ 120 Hz display.

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Nokia C31

See bigger and capture better with a dazzling 6.7” HD+ display, and triple-rear and selfie cameras powered by Camera from Google.

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Nokia T21

Get it done with a tablet that’s one of the best in its class. Nokia T21 will stand by you with its durable build, 3 years of monthly security updates and 2 Android OS upgrades.¹

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Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2

Discover a wireless speaker that sounds great and does good. Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2 features a 100% recycled outer shell and delivers a powerful 5W sound – impressive for its compact size.

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Going further with sustainability

Nokia phones don’t need replacing as often as some others, and our latest devices utilize recycled materials. But that’s not all. Find out more about how we make phones with you and the planet in mind.

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هل تريد معرفة آخر أخبار منتجات HMD؟ فقط أخبرنا كيف تريد أن تصلك.

من خلال التسجيل، أوافق على سياسة الخصوصية الخاصة بشركة HMD Global ومتاجرها على الإنترنت ومواقعها الإلكترونية، وملحق النشرة الإخبارية الخاص بها.

¹ From the global launch date of the device.