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9 tips for a longer battery life on your Android device

Simon Gilbert
6 min read
Using a Nokia smartphone with long battery life

Saving battery power is better for your device in the long run

We’ve all been there. Whether you forgot to put your phone on charge, or your battery is draining faster than expected, you probably know the feeling of a near-empty battery symbol at the top of the screen, right when you need your phone the most.

Batteries have a lifespan. They don’t stay in top shape forever. But the good news is, by adjusting some simple device settings and personal habits, not only will you help reduce how often you need to charge, but you may actually extend the battery’s lifespan in the long run. Here’s what you want to try.

1. Reduce your screen brighteness

One of the biggest smartphone battery drains is the screen’s backlight. Lowering the screen brightness can save battery in the short-term, but also helps to reduce wear on the battery’s overall lifespan.

You can also go a step or two further. So long as it doesn’t affect your usability, try changing your background and screensaver to black or darker colors. That’s because brighter, more colorful images demand more power from the backlight.

2. Give your phone the night off

This one is a simple idea, but it might be hard for a lot of people: one great way to save battery power and prolong the battery lifespan is to occasionally not use it for a night. Even if you keep the phone tuned on and connected, simply putting it to one side for an evening can really help.

Try this just once a week and it could make a difference. It’ll help reduce carbon emissions from data centers and extend the battery life in your phone, meaning you’ll need to charge less.

3. Don’t leave your mobile charging after it’s full

This is one of the most common drains of energy and a big reason why phones battery lifespans deplete earlier than expected.

Lithium-ion batteries are best kept 50-80% charged, so if you keep your phone on charge overnight, it can cause it to bounce between 99% and 100%, wasting energy. So, charging in short bursts throughout the day is probably the best way to preserve your battery life.

But one of the best ways to reduce degradation on your battery and use less energy is to charge your phone in the evening, before bed. Then unplug and turn off your plug at the wall.

4. Recharge your phone in a different way

How do you charge your phone? By using the little USB plug and cable that came with your phone, right? Well that’s usually the fastest method of charging your phone. But it’s not the only way, and it’s not always the best.

We know this happens less these days, but if you drive to work, or travel a lot in general, one of the best ways is to charge your phone is via your car using a car charger. This might even save a little on the electricity bill at home.

You could also try solar power. In recent years, solar chargers for phones have come a long way. You can get ones which charge your phone directly, or ones which charge their own power banks for later use, so you have a little battery pack for when you need it most.

I know what you’re thinking: “We have no sun!” Well, that might be true in some seasons, but many modern solar chargers are designed to work even in low light or overcast days, making them a viable option all year round.

5. Get strategic with Flight mode

Flight Mode basically stops your phone connecting to its mobile network, which blocks it from making and receiving calls, texts, and mobile data. So, if there are certain times of the day when you plan to stay off your phone – like when you’re eating, driving or at the cinema – activating Flight Mode can save you some juice.

6. Turn on battery saver mode

This is great for when you need to get the most out of that last drop of power. Super Battery Mode can help your phone last even longer. If your battery is very low, open your Battery settings and turn on Super Battery Mode. It temporarily closes your apps and restricts your phone’s most power-hungry functions. You will still have access to calls, messages, and network connectivity.

Battery settings in Android OS

7. Let your screen time out sooner

You can save power by turning off the screen when you don’t need it. This also helps prevent pocket dials and other kinds of accidental screen touches. But you needn’t do so manually all the time.

Try adjusting the time after which your screen powers off automatically. This feature is called “Screen timeout” and you can find it under Settings > Display. This can be set to anywhere from 10 minutes down to 15 seconds.

8. Turn off location services

One of the most efficient ways to save battery life on your phone is to turn off the location function. And, you should also revoke the location permission for apps that don't require it all the time. This way, you're blocking those apps from using the service in the background, saving even more battery life.

To do this, head over to Settings > Location > App permissions. Here, you'll see all the apps that are permitted to use location. For an app that you want to let use your location data, like Google Maps, choose it from the list and select “Allow only while using the app.” For others, choose “Don't allow” and they won’t be able to access the location service at all.

9. Turn off Wi-Fi Scanning

Nowadays, Android comes with a feature that continues to look for open Wi-Fi networks, even when you've turned Wi-Fi off. Since the service is running endlessly in the background, it's also secretly using the battery. Here’s how to turn it off on an Android 13 device:

  1. Open Settings > Location > Location Services
  2. Press “Wi-Fi scanning.”
  3. Toggle “Wi-Fi scanning” off.

If the option is grayed out and you can't disable it, you might need to turn on location once to access it. Remember to turn off location again after disabling Wi-Fi Scanning. For older Android devices, you might find this setting under your connection or internet settings.

Combine your favorite tips to save more battery life

Thinking about where, when, and how to charge your phone can make a big difference. Combine this with some adjustments in the device settings and you’ll soon notice the difference.

Remember, it’s not just about saving a bit of battery life here and there. Batteries naturally degrade over time, but being more economical with charging and using your phone can prolong its lifespan.

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