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Pink on Pink: Nokia G42 5G in “So Pink” captures stunning pink sunsets

published on 4 min read
Taking a photo on Nokia G42 5G Pink

Snapping sunset clouds with Nokia G42 5G

The third color option has just landed for Nokia G42 5G, the eye-catching So Pink. But the repairable 5G¹ smartphone captures eye-catching photos too. So, as we were looking for any excuse to take our new pink phone out for a spin, we went off in search of the top UK spots to capture pink in nature – and what better subject than ‘sunset clouds’. The trend is hot on TikTok right now, clocking in at over 28.5 million views.

We teamed up with Jim Dale, Meteorological Consultant at British Weather Services. He shared some secrets on how to predict the perfect picturesque sunsets – sometimes days in advance – and where to capture them. “Seeing pink is far less common in the sky because it needs a very specific alignment of weather, atmosphere, and a dash of luck!” Nevertheless, we took Jim’s advice on board and got some great results – here’s the scoop.

The time and place

“If you’re looking to get the best pink shot this Autumn, head to high ground with a horizon view following a rain shower,” Jim said. Hidden nature spots that fit the bill can be found in Ditchling Beacon, Sussex; Richmond Park, London; Chobham Common, Surrey; and Burbage Edge, Peak District. “You don’t even need to get that far out of a city. And with only 40 days until the clocks change, now is the time to make the most of the pink sunsets!”

Ditchling Beacon is one of the best places in the UK to capture pink pics, Jim explained. That’s because the moisture in the air makes the sunsets pop and pink hues shine through. But wherever you are, the timing is just as important as the place. September and October are the best months to capture sunset clouds. The sun sets at a steeper angle as we approach winter months as it takes longer to set, meaning that those the pink colors stick around for longer.

Richmond Park Upper Pen Pond, Richmond, UK.

Watch the clouds

Many people might think that you need a clear sky for an Instagrammable sunset. In fact, the opposite is true. A key ingredient for a stunning sunset shot is “a retreating frontal activity”. In other words: clouds. Specifically, cirrus clouds. Those long wispy cloud strands refract the light between the setting sun, scattering pink across the sky.

So, to plan ahead for your shot, download a weather app and keep an eye out for 30-70% cirrus cloud cover around sunset.

“Pink skies hinge on shower activity in the atmosphere which creates refracted white light hitting clouds, dust or sand,” Jim explained. “This appears pink due to the dispersion of light, blocking out blues and whites we more commonly see.” Luckily for nature lovers, Dale explains 2023 has seen an increase in pink skies compared to previous years due to heavy rainfall. There is more water vapor in the sky which refracts light, creating pink sunsets.

Lake at sunset shot on Nokia G42 5G
Richmond Park Upper Pen Pond, Richmond, UK.

Top Tips for capturing pink sunsets

So, you have scouted your perfect spot and the conditions are looking good. When it’s time to capture the magic, grab your Nokia G42 5G and keep these tips in mind – you’ll come away with some shots you’ll be proud to share.

1. Automatic AI Sunset

To use the automatic AI Sunset scene optimization feature on Nokia G42 5G, simply frame your sunset shot in Photo mode. The AI will detect the sunset and adjust the capturing parameters to ensure a great result with vivid colors!

2. Lock the Auto Focus

When shooting photos or videos of a sunset, you’ll notice that some parts of the shot are brighter than others. If you move the phone slightly, it might cause the automatic focus to shift to a brighter or darker spot, and the Auto Exposure may change to compensate. Press and hold the screen for a moment to lock the focus on that part of the image. The optimal exposure for that focal point will lock too.

3. Edit after shooting

After snapping a few photos or videos, try using opening one up in Google Photos,² choose the “Edit” options and look for the “Enhance” filter. Google photos will make some automatic adjustments which may improve quality of the final piece.

Got a sunset shot to share?

We’d love to see what you capture, especially if you put some of these tips to the test. Show us on Instagram, use the hashtag #ShotOnNokia and tell us what phone you used. And if the shot turns out pink – even better.

¹ 5G coverage is limited and might not be supported by your network service provider. Actual speed depends on network and other factors.

² Free storage at high quality, requires Google account and internet connection.

HMD Global Oy is the licensee of the Nokia brand for phones and tablets. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation.

TikTok is a registered trademark of ByteDance Ltd

Google Photos is a trademark of Google LLC.

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