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TIME puts Nokia G22 on the Best Inventions of 2023 list

published on 4 min read
Nokia G22 and tools from iFixit

Our first repairable smartphone makes TIME magazine’s list of 2023’s innovative new inventions

TIME magazine’s annual Best Inventions list features the year’s innovative and impactful new inventions and discoveries from various fields, including technology, healthcare, entertainment, and more. So, why did Nokia G22 make the cut? Repairability.

Phones that last. It’s one of our core values here at HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones. But accidents are a fact of life, so our phones are prone to the odd drop, knock or bump. That’s why we created Nokia G22, a smartphone that you can repair at home. Thanks to its built-in QuickFix repairability,¹ you can replace a cracked screen, depleted battery or bent charging port, easily and cheaply. It paved the way for Nokia G42 5G, our first repairable 5G smartphone.² And now, we’re thrilled to see Nokia G22 on the Best Inventions list of 2023 in TIME magazine.

“We want to make phone repairs affordable, simpler and beautifully designed for consumers.”

— Lars Silberbauer, Chief Marketing Officer, HMD Global.

“At a time when innovation is thriving, it means a lot to us to appear on this celebrated annual list,” says Lars Silberbauer, Chief Marketing Officer here at HMD Global. “We want to make phone repairs affordable, simpler and beautifully designed for consumers.”

Good for you and the planet

Today, it’s more important than ever for people and companies to consider the environmental impacts of what they do. For us, it’s not just about making things greener – it’s about making devices that benefit their owner as well as the planet. “Last year, about 5.3 billion mobile phones fell into disuse,” the TIME listing reads. “This waste has led to a push for tech that can be fixed more easily rather than replaced.” That’s why repairability is so important – and that’s where Nokia G22 comes in.

Thanks to our partnership with iFixit, you can easily order QuickFix kits online. So, not only does this approach stop devices going to waste, it saves money in the pocket of the device owner. Spare parts and tools from iFixit are far cheaper than a whole new phone, after all.

“...this waste has led to a push for tech that can be fixed more easily rather than replaced.”

— Best Inventions of 2023: Nokia G22, TIME Magazine

But there is more to Nokia G22 than its repairability. After all, what is the use of making a repairable smartphone unless it’s worth repairing? Well, underneath the 100% recycled plastic back cover sits a battery that can go for up to three days between charges³ and stays in good shape for as many as 800 full charging cycles.⁴ That gives you plenty of time to enjoy music and videos with audio optimized for headphone output thanks to OZO Playback. And even if you do manage to deplete the battery, no problem – it’s one of the parts you can replace.

The repairable Nokia G22
You can replace the battery, screen and charging port of Nokia G22 at home.

The big picture

In the footsteps of Nokia G22 came Nokia G310 5G, bringing repairability to the 5G segment, available exclusively from T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile. You can replace cracked screens, bent charging ports and old batteries, all by yourself. And, the Best Invention 2023 selection follows hot off the heels of HMD, the home of Nokia phones, attaining the Platinum EcoVadis 2023 Sustainability Rating for the second year running.

Our current repairable devices are not the endgame of our sustainability journey. Far from it. Just as Nokia G22 set the stage for repairability in the 5G space with Nokia G42 5G, we’re excited to look forward to what other new possibilities we can explore. And whatever new innovations that exploration yields, the recognition of Nokia G22 in TIME magazine’s Best Inventions 2023 list is a milestone we’ll always be proud of.

¹ Details available at https://www.hmd.com/self-repair

² 5G coverage is limited and might not be supported by your network service provider. Actual speed depends on network and other factors.

³ Based on a real-life usage test by HMD Global. See more info at: https://www.hmd.com/nokia-g-22

⁴ Battery has been tested by HMD Global to maintain at least 80% of its original capacity after 800 full charging cycles.