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The Isle of Wight Council secures 650 Nokia 5.3 smartphones

"One of the big differences in working with HMD Global is they supported us in enrolling using Android’s Zero-Touch Portal,”

Roger Brown, Strategic Manager for ICT and Digital Services, Isle of Wight Council

The Isle of Wight Council secures 650 Nokia 5.3 smartphones to keep the Island safe and connected even in turbulent times

The Isle of Wight Council has always been committed to making the Island an inspiring place in which to grow up, work, live, and visit.

As an innovative, forward-thinking and dynamic council, they sought to equip their frontline staff with secure and trustworthy smartphones, so they could better serve their communities and transform the way they work.

After looking in the market for new mobile vendors, Roger Brown, Strategic Manager for ICT and Digital Services at the Isle of Wight Council, says the choice was obvious. “Working with HMD Global was a breath of fresh air,” he recalls. “I can’t praise the Enterprise team enough.”

In HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, Mr Brown found a solution that would provide leading-edge security, seamless deployment in bulk, and long-lasting value, giving him the enhanced mobile telephony and peace of mind he needed.

Zero-touch, zero hassle

“One of the big differences in working with HMD Global is they supported us in enrolling using Android’s Zero-Touch Portal,” says Mr Brown.

That way, Mr Brown and his IT teams could deploy hundreds of company-owned devices at once. Their staff just needed to power on to get started, knowing that all the apps and configuring they needed would be ready for them.

“Not all manufacturers provide this service, but it was a must for us. The speed and simplicity of enrolment, the seamless integration with Microsoft Intune, and the ease of use for the customer have been a game-changer” he explains.

The ability to provision work-managed devices in bulk came in handy during the height of the 2020 summer months. When holiday makers were able to return to the Isle of Wight’s sandy beaches as lockdown restrictions eased, Mr Brown’s team acted fast to keep people safe.

In a matter of days, the council needed to muster a new team of 20 beach ambassadors to provide guidance to new arrivals, and to remind people of the need tosocially distance. As part of HMD Global’s portfolio of Nokia smartphones, the Nokia 5.3 was central to this initiative’s success.

“Since it was so easy to configure the new devices and train staff on them, we were able to deploy the whole team in a day,” Mr Brown remembers.

Industry-leading security

As part of his role as Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO), Mr Brown is responsible for optimising information handling processing procedures and security protocol within the council.

Maintaining a high level of security and manageability of devices was therefore “essential in enabling enhanced methods of communication and transformational working practices.” The guaranteed security patches, forced encryption, enhanced login security, and the Bluetooth-enabled smart lock capabilities provide the council with “exactly the level of control and security we were looking for.”

The Social Care and Children’s Services teams were the first to get their hands on the Nokia 5.3. “They had been asking for a smartphone because when they communicated with parents and children, they needed a device that spoke in their language,” Mr Brown says. “Since these conversations can be sensitive, the ability to encrypt and secure all information on a centrally managed device was critical to providing that solution.”

In HMD Global, Mr Brown saw a partner that was just as committed to mobile and cybersecurity. “Delivering secure, reliable and dependable experiences to our customers is at the heart of everything we do at HMD Global,” explains Ben Stephens, HMD Global Enterprise Manager.

The use of Android One on the Nokia 5.3 also helped seal the deal. Mr Brown particularly appreciates the selection and cleanness of this software, which lets his staff enjoy a pure, secure and up-to-date software experience with a streamlined interface and no bloatware.

“With Android One, we’ve got the confidence that these devices are going to maintain an appropriate level of security across their lifetime. We’ve been using the devices for four months, and have seen those promised updates” he confirms.

Built on trust

With HMD Global, the Isle of Wight Council has found the reliability and dependable support they were seeking, enabling them to deploy phones they could count on – in volume, and at speed.

“Trust was established very quickly because HMD Global’s Enterprise team delivered on everything they guaranteed,” says Mr Brown. “HMD Global were incredibly proactive, and we were never left hanging around. Everything was provided on time. In fact, it was mostly ahead of time.”

What made HMD Global stand out among the other mobile vendors Mr Brown engaged with?

“It was the combination of great customer service, their Android enterprise devices meeting all our requirements, and their willingness to work with our contracted reseller that was fundamental to us,” he adds.

Mr Brown would recommend Nokia phones to any enterprise of any size. “For me, they’re an excellent enterprise partner. Some of our staff have been so delighted with the Nokia 5.3 devices they’ve bought them for themselves as their personal phone upgrade. They’re that impressed!”

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