Security to protect your most sensitive data

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Security to protect your most sensitive data

“Nokia smartphones’ up-to-date security was important for us, because our customers are handling sensitive data.”

Petri Järvinen, Mukava

Finnish start-up Mukava’s Android™ app frees educators from red tape so they can focus on children in their care.

Mukava chose the Nokia 3 and Nokia 3.1 smartphones to renew their device fleet. These powerful, low-cost devices meet user needs and improve security.

Project overview

Every day, European day care staff make dozens of manual record entries for children in their care. Europe-wide, that’s over 10 million hours a month of administration. Mukava simplifies routines in day care with a seamless Android app service.

At the end of a three-year device lease, Mukava collected customer feedback. CEO Petri Järvinen comments, “although customers were satisfied, there was demand for better hardware that offered more functionality and performance.”

Excellent performance vs price

To meet customer needs without exceeding tight budgets, Mukava decided to renew their fleet of smartphones. The new smartphones had to meet strict criteria: regular security updates, durability, a clean, up-to-date Android OS, and NFC functionality.

Järvinen explains, “We chose Nokia 3 and, after its launch, Nokia 3.1 for their excellent performance versus price ratio. Nokia smartphones’ up-to-date security was another important factor for us, because our customers are handling sensitive data.”

Serious commitment to security

The Nokia 3 and the Nokia 3.1 both receive 2 years of Android upgrades and up to 3 years of security updates from global sales start date. Andrej Sonkin, HMD Global General Manager of Enterprise Business adds “We take the security patch delivery promise very seriously. We make it transparent when we make new updates available for our Nokia smartphones and include detailed information on what has been patched.”

Android One was another big reason why Mukava chose Nokia 3 and Nokia 3.1. This device comes with a pure Android version which ensures that the smartphone have no unnecessary apps and no bloatware.

Järvinen concludes, “We believe the new devices will continue to get better and better, with less need for maintenance and support. This will provide better margins for device leasing services, which will also benefit our customers.”