Nokia smartphones exceed Nokia’s own exacting standards

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Nokia smartphones exceed Nokia’s own exacting standards

“Seamless compatibility with business productivity tools, fast and regular security patch delivery and a long hardware lifetime.”

Mikael Forsström, IT Service Owner, Enterprise Mobility Nokia

It seems logical that Nokia would offer their employees HMD Global’s Nokia-branded smartphones. However Mikael Forsström, IT Service Owner for Enterprise Mobility at Nokia, said the decision was not a given.

Despite carrying the Nokia name, the smartphones still had to meet strict business guidelines. “We are proud of our brand of course, but it was only one reason to select HMD Global.” Nokia’s exacting purchase criteria meant HMD Global had to prove they could deliver seamless compatibility with business productivity tools, fast and regular security patches and a long hardware lifetime.

Seamless access to business productivity tools

When it comes to business productivity tools, support for Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft SharePoint, Cisco WebEx®, and Cisco Jabber® IM and Presence was vital for Nokia.

Employees can choose whether their smartphone is enrolled in Microsoft Intune, the company’s device management solution. For users who want to benefit from corporate services in Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Intune automatically enforces corporate security policies, ensuring a higher level of security.

Over 12,000 Nokia smartphones are corporate-managed

In the 18 months since Nokia smartphones have been introduced, Nokia employees have been transitioning their business phones over. Nokia manage over 40,000 devices using Microsoft Intune, and 12,000 users have made the transition to Nokia branded smartphones. This is an impressive swap from other brands in the 18 months Nokia smartphones have been available – with demand continually growing.

High levels of security

Working in a sector renowned for data breaches and corporate espionage, it’s no surprise that Nokia attach incredible importance to security. This made HMD Global’s Nokia branded smartphones an even more attractive offering, because all of them feature Android One. This means the devices receive fast, regular security patches, to defend against the latest digital threats. They also come free of bloatware, giving hackers even fewer ways in.

User feedback

Feedback from Nokia employees has been excellent. “Positive feedback is not guaranteed – even if the devices are Nokia branded. Nokia employees are hyper-critical about any product, whether or not it carries the Nokia brand” said Mikael Forsström. “But users have been very positive about the clean Android user interface and the hardware quality.”

The IT team are also satisfied with the Nokia branded smartphones. They benefit from the HMD Global B2B support that provides quick assistance in case of any issues. “We have developed a close relationship with HMD Global,” said Mikael Forsström. “This cooperation is reflected in the way HMD Global has responded to our hardware requirements in the Nordics and around the globe. HMD Global has arranged deliveries to meet our needs with ease.”