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Nokia phones Android™ 13 developer preview for Nokia X20

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Hello Nokia X20 Android developer preview fans!

Update 05 December 2022

Thanks to your great support with submitting issues and feedback, we’re now fine tuning the software and nearing the official release of Android 13.

We’re now closing registrations for the Nokia X20 developer preview program and rollback to Android 12 is disabled.

Please be advised that before the official software release is made available to you, it requires approval from our own internal program quality team, regional and network operators. As a result, the build may not be available at time of the initial live announcement.

With the upgrade from ADP build, please note that user data will be erased - We recommend you perform a back up to prevent any loss of important data.

Stay tuned to your local social and media channels for news of the Nokia X20 Android 13 upgrade rolling out to your market.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the latest and greatest Android release!
Many thanks from all at the Nokia phones Android developer preview team!

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