We all need an occasional digital detox

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We're makers of Nokia phones. You're in the right place. 👍

Digital detoxing made easy

Take a break without disconnecting. Nokia feature phones help you strike the perfect balance.

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For the things that matter

Sometimes we need to take a step back to reassess what’s important. Whether it’s listening to music, calling a loved one or sharing snaps over Bluetooth, it’s all powered for days with long-lasting batteries.

Snap back to the moment

Nokia flip phones help you take a digital detox while enjoying that iconic retro design. No socials, no emails, no notifications. Open it up to answer a call and close it to hang up – that cathartic snap makes it feel good to put your phone away and stay present in the moment.

Explore the range

    Nokia 2780 Flip

    4G flip phone with enhanced accessibility

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    Nokia 6300 4G

    The social, 4G feature phone

    Nokia 2760 Flip

    Flip. Fold. Behold.

    Nokia 225 4G

    Premium design plus 4G perks


Time to talk

At their core, phones are about staying in touch. With long-lasting batteries, you need never cut a good conversation short. With weeks of standby time, you’re always reachable to the ones you care about.

Snap and share moments that matter

Sometimes, a photo is about the memory more than filters or likes. Nokia detox phones feature rear cameras with flash for taking photos day or night. Connect your phone to a computer to save your snaps and share them with the people that matter.

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