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Dumb phone, smart choice

Simple and fun to use with batteries that go the distance.

Made with simplicity in mind

Despite their name, what we might call “dumbphones” are far from dumb. They’re intuitive – so much so that it only takes moments to come to grips with one. Nokia feature phones are made with this simplicity in mind, making them perfect as affordable backup phones at home or on a trip, or for digital detoxing when you need a bit of a break.

Batteries that last

For work or play, dumbphone batteries go a long way. Remember when you could charge your handset and not worry about the battery for days, or even weeks? Today’s dumbphones offer that same peace of mind with up to 24 days stand-by time and 19 hours of talk time from a single charge. Plus, they have the added convenience of a modern USB charger.

Phones made to be fun

Nokia feature phones are reliable and simple to use – on top of that, these modern dumbphones are meant be enjoyed. Classic games like Snake are the perfect way to unwind. And with color screens, those retro games really come to life. It’s time to beat your top score.

Snap away with a dumbphone camera without the pressure of getting that perfect shot. Want to share those snaps? Look for a dumbphone with a camera that also has 3G, 4G, or Bluetooth connectivity.

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