Nokia best cell phones for seniors

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Staying in touch made simple

With accessibility features and big buttons, these phones make it easy for anyone to stay in touch.

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With long lasting batteries, Nokia feature phones are the best phones for seniors who want to stay reachable. And when the phone rings, enjoy a long conversation with loud, clear audio.

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Accessibility is key

Big buttons make calling and texting easy. Some Nokia feature phones also have accessibility features like Hearing Aid Compatibility, the option to increase font size and to zoom-in the interface. So, no matter what kind of phone you’re looking for, there is a Nokia feature phone for every senior.

Flip phone for seniors

For an even more intuitive experience, go for a Nokia feature phone that has a flip form. With their exterior screen, you can see the time and see who is calling. Open it up to answer and close it to hang up. Effortless.

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For emergencies

If you’re looking for a phone for the elderly, Nokia feature phones with an emergency button bring peace of mind to their owners as well as their loved ones. Emergency buttons can be used to quickly reach up to five contacts stored in the phone.

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    Nokia 225 4G

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