Nokia C100

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This product is no longer available from the HMD shop. Get help from our support site, or check out the latest smartphones.

Step up to a smartphone

Nokia C100

From HMD - makers of Nokia phones

Step up to the world of smartphones with Nokia C100. Simple to use, with a long-lasting battery and powered by the latest Android™ 12 – it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Full specifications

Long-lasting battery

All-day battery life2.


The latest, clean Android 12 experience.


8 MP rear camera. 5 MP front-facing camera. Portrait mode.

The speed you need

4G speed and VoLTE support.

Nokia C100 showing front of device
Simple and easy to use

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Nokia C100 has all the modern features you need in a smartphone, without the high price tag. Simple, powerful and reliable – without overcomplicating it.

Nokia C100 man sitting on beach with device

A battery to get you through the day

Make the most of your smartphone with all-day battery life².

Nokia C100 showing front and rear of device
Operating System

Smooth operation

Pre-installed with the latest version of Android, and fully optimized, you'll enjoy a safer, more personal, and highly intuitive experience across the device.

Nokia C100 shooting photo of body of water

Now everyone can be a photographer

Take great photos with the 8 MP rear camera and let your selfies shine using the front facing 5 MP camera.

See the world in your own language

Get an instant translation by simply pointing the camera lens at that foreign language text or sign, means we’ve got you covered!

Portraits that pop

Make your selfies really stand out with face retouch on portrait mode, which sharpens the person and blurs the background, letting you take better people photos with ease.

Nokia C100 front showing 4G mobile data status

Stay connected with 4G

Whether you’re connecting, streaming or just exploring, Nokia C100 lets you connect to the world with 4G speed, optimized for everyday performance. And with VoLTE.

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¹ Pre-installed system software and apps use a significant part of memory space.

² Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery capacity reduces over time. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced. Testing done in lab conditions with no background apps running.