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CCPA Supplement

Effective January 3, 2024

HMD is complying with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA), which is a California data protection regulation that enhances the rights and customer protection of California residents. This supplement supplements HMD Global Privacy Policy for products and services and applies only to individuals residing in California from whom we collect personal information as defined in the CCPA (“Personal Information”).

How do we collect, use and share your personal information?

Information regarding the categories of Personal Information we process, the purposes for the processing of each category, and how we share your Personal Information are described in detail in HMD Global Privacy Policy for products and services.

In the preceding twelve (12) months, we have not sold Personal Information to any third parties, including data aggregators.

What are your California consumer rights?

If you are a California resident, as defined in the California Code of Regulations, you have the following rights under the CCPA:

  • Right to know and access. You have the right to submit a verifiable request for information regarding the:
    • categories of Personal Information collected or disclosed by us,
    • purposes for which categories of Personal Information are collected by us,
    • categories of sources from which we collect Personal Information, and
    • specific pieces of Personal Information we have collected about you during the past twelve (12) months.

We will provide you with the information in a portable and, to the greatest extent possible, readily useable format once we have received and validated your request.

You can find more information about the collection, use and sharing of your Personal Information from HMD Global Privacy Policy for products and services.

  • Right to erasure. You have the right to request deletion of your Personal Information, subject to certain exceptions. We will delete your Personal Information and direct our service providers to do so once we have received and validated your request, unless an exception applies.

  • Right to fair treatment. You have the right not to receive discriminatory treatment for the exercise of your CCPA consumer rights, subject to certain limitations.

How can you exercise your rights?

If you cannot exercise the above described rights directly through the HMD products and services you use, you can contact us and submit your request via:

You have the right to make a free request two times in any 12-month period. We will make the disclosure within 45 days of receiving your request, unless we request an extension. In the event that we reasonably need a 45-day extension, we will notify you of the extension within the initial 45-day period.

Changes to the CCPA Supplement

We reserve the right to amend this supplement at our discretion and at any time (at least every 12 months). When we make changes to this supplement, we will notify you by email or through a notice on our website.

You can find previous versions of this document here: