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PayJoy Services Supplement

Effective May 23, 2020

In specific geographical areas, HMD Global may provide phones that support PayJoy services. These phones have a theft protection feature and, separately, enable the user to join a financing plan via PayJoy app. When the user purchases a PayJoy enabled phone, HMD Global will collect user’s phone identification number (IMEI) every time the phone is turned on.

IMEI is processed for the following purposes:

  • for checking the enrollment status with PayJoy services connected to user’s phone;
  • for theft protection; and
  • for preventing fraud and tampering with the PayJoy app.

For these purposes, HMD Global can share the IMEI with PayJoy, the third-party service provider and app developer.

If you access the PayJoy app, you should read PayJoy’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that governs the data collection within this app. HMD Global is not responsible for data processed by PayJoy.

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