Recycle your old devices

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Nokia smartphones for recycling

Recycle your old devices

Don’t just throw out your old phone, tablet, or accessory – recycle it and do some good for the planet.

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How it works

Send your unwanted phone, tablet or accessory to us and enjoy peace of mind knowing that it will be safely and securely disposed of. It costs you nothing, and we’ll ensure that the raw materials get reused or safely and securely disposed.

Recycle it in 2 easy steps:

Complete online form

Fill in the necessary details about your Product along with your own information.


Drop it off at an approved collection point.

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Need some help?

For further reassurance, we have provided the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you need any further information on how we recycle your phone or how to send it to us, you can contact us via live chat or email.

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