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Nokia C22


A battery that lasts and a body that endures

From AED 389.00
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Nokia C32


Make the night shine

From AED 449.00

Nokia G22


Seamless smartphone experience

From AED 589.00

Nokia C12 Pro


An elevated smartphone experience

From AED 329.00

Nokia G42 5G

So fast. So much battery.

From AED 799.00

Nokia C02

Trusted quality and modern performance

Nokia C12

An elevated smartphone experience

From AED 359.00

Nokia C31

Maximize the moment

From AED 5,350.00

Nokia X30 5G

Our most eco-friendly phone yet

From AED 1,699.00

Nokia G60 5G

Built to last with recycled materials

Nokia G11 Plus

Signature security. Even better smartphone experience.

From AED 529.00

Nokia C21 Plus

Sleek. Strong. And a battery that goes on.

From AED 459.00

Nokia C2 2E

Tough against life’s little knocks

Nokia G21

Support for years and battery for days

From AED 639.00

Nokia G11

A safer, fuller experience that will last even longer.

From AED 519.00

Nokia G50

A 5G¹ future-proof smartphone

From AED 949.00

Nokia XR20

Life-proof and for the long run

From AED 1,699.00

Nokia C30

No to small screens. Yes to multi-day battery.

From AED 5,230.00

Nokia C1 2E

Make every moment count

From AED 2,800.00

Nokia C20

Shoot with camera flash, share with 4G

From AED 369.00

Nokia G20

Keep the camera rolling with a 3-day battery

From AED 599.00

Nokia G10

Family fun for up to 3 days straight

From AED 549.00

Nokia C10

Style, reliability and HDR photos

From AED 3,650.00