Nokia phones and a cleaner planet

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Keeping our phones in your hands longer

Nokia X20 in a forest

Technology you can keep and trust

If everyone in Europe kept their smartphones in use for one extra year, by 2030 we could save as much carbon as taking two million cars off the road¹. So, for Nokia X20 and Nokia X10, we’re extending our manufacturer’s warranty to three years and have committed to delivering three years of security updates and three years of software updates. Nokia XR20 also comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty but goes even further with security, enjoying four years of security updates.

Small changes that make a big impact

In 2019, phone chargers created around 12,000 tonnes of e-waste in the EU alone – that’s the same as 75 houses crammed full of plugs and cables². We want to do our bit to reduce this, so we’ve removed the wall charger from the package contents of Nokia X20, Nokia X10 and Nokia XR20. The USB cable will still be included. Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 now come with a 100% compostable case, built to withstand the bumps of everyday life.

Find the right charger

You can charge your device using the included data cable and a USB power adaptor. Third-party cables and power adaptors can be used as long as they are compliant with USB 2.0 or later and adhere to applicable regional and international safety standards. Charging with adaptors that do not meet these standards could pose a risk of damage or personal injury. Charging time can vary depending upon device capability. The recommended power adaptor specifications are as follows:

A Nokia phone charger


The charger should run on an input of 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A


The ideal charger output is 9.0V/2A

Plug types

In Europe, use a charger with an EU plug (1-CHEUQ302-095) In the UK, use a charger with a UK plug (1-CHUKQ302-096).

Making your phone last longer

We don’t believe in letting good things go to waste. That’s why Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 come with a 100% compostable case that is tough against knocks, but soft on the earth. This way, you won’t be needing a new phone so soon – saving carbon, cutting e-waste and making the planet’s resources last a little longer. What’s more, once you’re done with the case you can compost it at home, reducing waste even further. As for Nokia XR20 – well, as our toughest smartphone yet, it simply doesn’t need a case.

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¹According to a study by the European Environmental Bureau, “Cool Products don’t cost the Earth”, 2018:

²According to a study by the European Commission, “Impact Assessment Study on Common Chargers of Portable Devices,” 2019:

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