Nokia 105 4G (2021) user guide

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Nokia 105 4G (2021)


You can change various settings to make using your phone easier.

Change the menu view

You can select to see several apps in the apps menu at the same time, or only one app.

  1. Select Menu > Settings > Display > Menu display.
  2. Select Zoomed to see only one app at a time. Scroll up or down to move between the apps in the menu.
  3. To go back to the standard view, select Standard.

Increase the text size

If you have trouble reading the text on the phone display, change the text size.

Select Menu > Settings > Display > Text size > Large.

Use text to speech

You can set the phone to read items on the display out loud.

Select Menu > Extras > Readout > Speech > On, and select the items you want the phone to read out loud, such as the menu or messages, for example.

Readout is not available in all languages. For the available languages, see your phone's website.

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