Sustainability at every level

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Sustainability at every levelSustainability

Our approach spans the whole lifecycle of our devices: we make devices that last; we help keep devices in use for longer; and we harvest recycled materials – then we do it again.

You can’t spell “sustainability” without “R”

It’s a metaphor. Keep reading – we promise it will make sense.


“R” number 1: Repair

If your car breaks down, you don’t drive it straight to the junkyard – you try to get it fixed. So why should you have to buy a brand-new phone if the screen cracks, or if the battery runs dry?

We’re making phones that you can fix yourself. You don’t need a degree in engineering – just some tools, spare parts, and free-to-access guides from iFixit.¹

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TIME Best Inventions list of 2023Nokia G22

Nokia G22 makes the coveted TIME list for its repairability.

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“R” number 2: Reuse

Buying refurbished devices is a way to save natural resources and some of your own money at the same time. It’s as simple as that. Our refurbished devices are all tested to ensure they perform as good as new. They’re even backed by a year of warranty.²


“R” number 3: Recycle

We look at recycling at every level, from the build of our smartphones to the packaging they come in. And, we have a few recycling programs in place that allow us to reuse raw materials, and in some cases, entire working parts. What is old can be made new – and that’s what we strive for.


Trade-in and save

Those old devices gathering dust might have more value than you think. If it’s time for a new smartphone or tablet, and if trade-in is available in your region, you can get an immediate discount on your order.

If you’re not shopping for new devices right now, why not look into recycling services for electronics in your area? And if you can’t find one, send your old devices to us – we’ll dispose of them properly, recycling anything under the hood that we can.

There’s more...

We don’t limit sustainable actions to things starting with “R”. That would be crazy.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We’re not saviors of humanity – we’re a business. But what is good for the planet can also be good for a business and its customers. How do we know this? Because we’ve already proven that it can work.

Top 1%

We got Platinum status from EcoVadis in 2022 and 2023, putting us in the top 1% of businesses assessed for commitment to sustainability.
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¹ Details available at

² See coverage at Manufacturer's Limited Warranty