SAP runs on Nokia smartphones

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SAP runs on Nokia smartphones

"Security was a key reason we chose Nokia phones”

Jarmo Akkanen, SAP

HMD Global – the home of Nokia phones – offer attractive pricing and a commitment to up to three years of monthly security updates. There were both important factors in SAP’s choice.

Jarmo Akkanen, SAP Global Service Owner - Mobile Operations, explains: “With our legacy EMM solution we were stuck with a single Android smartphone vendor. We urgently wanted to change this to offer colleagues more choice. We found that the Google-led Android Enterprise Recommended program gives a good opportunity to broaden our portfolio of managed company-owned smartphones.”

Fast updates improve security

Akkanen was also impressed by Nokia smartphones: “Security was one of the key reasons we chose HMD Global as a supplier for Android smartphones.”

HMD Global’s reputation for security is well earned, says Andrej Sonkin, HMD Global General Manager of Enterprise Business. “We promise to deliver monthly security updates for up to three years from launch, plus two major system upgrades. This doesn’t just meet Android Enterprise Recommended requirements, it exceeds them.”

Lower costs

SAP owns around 100,000 managed devices, so the IT team always looks for opportunities to cut total cost of ownership. With Nokia smartphones, SAP can now offer employees in every department a selection of powerful lower-cost mobile devices.

This has benefits beyond the bottom line. Akkanen explains, “As a global company, we have to consider socio-economic aspects, such as living expenses in countries where we operate. In developing and emerging countries, it could be hard to explain why we only offer employees smartphones that cost over $1,000.”

In this situation, powerful and affordable Nokia smartphones were the perfect solution.

Akkanen also appreciates the fact that Nokia smartphones are part of the Android One program and says "These devices deliver on the promise of a fresh, and secure experience with security protections integrated into every layer, ongoing updates, and a simple interface free of duplicate apps.".

Android One phones come free of any type of bloatware, running instead a pure, unmodified Android OS with only a small, curated set of useful apps added.