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Trade-in Terms and Conditions

This offer is available to customers in United Kingdom when purchasing a new Nokia device in Nokia phones online store. You can offer to trade in your device (“Device”) to us during the checkout process at Nokia phones online store in accordance with these terms and conditions (“Conditions”).

  1. Telling us about your phone

    During the checkout process at the Nokia phones online store, you may have the option to trade in your current smartphone if the smartphone model is listed in the trade-in list available during the checkout process. Based on the information provided, the estimated trade-in value of the device is deducted from the initial cost of your order. The maximum value of the Device is capped to the value of the shopping cart. The trade-in value cannot be exchanged for cash. You are under no obligation to accept the proposed trade-in value but if you wish to proceed with the trade-in, you can submit your order. By submitting the order, you confirm that you are:

  • 18 years or over;
  • Registered at Nokia phones online store;
  • Resident in the UK; and
  • The owner of the Device or you have obtained express permission from the rightful owner to trade in the Device.

    We may refuse to accept the trade-in offer if there has been an error in the valuation of your Device or if you do not meet the Conditions. We reserve the right to reject any device we do not deem acceptable.

  1. Sending your trade-in device

    You will receive email correspondence from our partner, Corporate Mobile Recycling Ltd (“CMR”), containing instructions on how to send the Device. You have 7 days from the date that the order is placed to send the Device to avoid being charged the initially discounted trade-in estimate value from your credit card. Neither HMD Global Oy nor CMR are responsible for the data stored in the Device. It is the responsibility of you to transfer important data and SIM and/or storage card from the Device before sending it. SIM and/or storage card will be removed and disposed and all data will be deleted when the Device is reset to factory settings after which either cannot be returned to you. Also, you need to turn off all locks, passcodes and find my phone features before sending the Device in order for the phone to be qualified for trade-in. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the Device during the transit due to the improper packaging of the Device.

  2. Reserving the trade-in estimate value on your payment card

    Between the time that the order is placed, and the trade-in completed, we will periodically reserve a sum equal to that of the trade-in estimate value on your payment card. This is so that we can charge up to this amount if:

    a) We do not receive the trade-in device within the given 7-day time frame;

    b) The Device is valued below the initial estimate and you accept the re-evaluation.

    You will be notified via email correspondence that this sum will be reserved on your chosen payment card. Should the reservation or pre-authorization of this sum fail, the you must update their payment details. You will be notified via email correspondence should this need arise. You agree that you pass legal ownership of the device to us when we pay for your Device.

  3. Valuing the trade-in device

    The trade-in value depends on the condition of the Device. When receiving the Device, it will be inspected to ensure that its condition matches that which was described by you during the checkout process when placing the order. We aim to inspect the Device within five (5) working days from the receipt of the Device.

  4. Trade-in devices that are valued below the initial estimate

    If the condition of the trade-in device is poorer than that which was described by you due to reasons including, but not limited to, cosmetic damage, faulty operating buttons, connectivity issues or reduced functionality, the trade-in device will be re-valued. In such cases, you will be notified via email, at which point you can choose to either:

    a) Accept the re-evaluation and pay the difference between the new value and the initial estimate already discounted from the order; or

    b) Reject the re-evaluation and pay the sum of the trade-in value estimate already discounted from the order.

    Should you choose to reject the re-evaluation, the trade-in device will be returned to you via postal service at no additional cost. If your Device does not switch on or if we cannot access the screen of your device, the trade-in valuation cannot be done, and the value of the device is 0£. We do not accept any blacklisted, locked, barred or counterfeit devices, do not send such devices to us. The Device must not be stolen or listed as stolen by any third party.

  5. Trade-in devices that are valued equal to the estimate

    If the trade-in device valuation meets the estimation, no further action is needed from you. You will receive an email stating that the Device valuation met the initial trade-in estimate. The trade-in sum reserved on your card will be released and the card will not be charged further.

  6. Canceling your order within the 1-hour timeframe

    You can cancel an order that includes Device within 1 hour of placing the order and will not be charged. In such a case, you are not expected to send the Device to us. You will receive confirmation that the order and trade-in has been cancelled via email.

  7. Returning an order

    You have the right to return an order within the remorse period that applies to your region. If you return an item or items from an order in which a trade-in sum was discounted from the cost of said order, you will be refunded the cost of the order as per the returns process.

    The Device cannot be returned to you. You will be reimbursed for the trade-in sum with store credit which is valid for 12 months. You can use the credit at the checkout of the Nokia phones store to get that sum discounted from a future order. You must log in to the Nokia phones store with the same user account that was used for making the original purchase.

  8. Your Data

    By submitting your details you agree that we may use your information (including name, address, telephone number, email address, Device IMEI/model/manufacture/network details) to process your trade-in and contact you in relation of trade-in process. We may provide your data to Mobile Recycling Ltd for the purpose of trade-in.

    Your data is processed in accordance with HMD Privacy Policy.

  9. Limitation of liability

    Neither we or you shall under any circumstances be liable for any indirect, consequential or special damages incurred by the other arising under or in connections with these Conditions. Nothing in these Conditions shall affect your legal rights as a consumer.

  10. Disputes

    These Conditions are governed by the laws of Finland. You irrevocably agree that Finnish courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.

    Organizer: HMD Global Oy, Bertel Jungin aukio 9. 02600 Espoo, Finland.