What is the best way to maintain my Nokia smartphone?

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What is the best way to maintain my Nokia smartphone?

It's advised to keep your Nokia smartphone in a dry location. Also, it’s best to ensure that the fingerprint sensor is not exposed to metal or sharp objects which may cause scratches, as this could inadvertently compromise the accuracy of the fingerprint sensor.

Use the charger provided in the phone’s original sales box. This is because off-brand chargers may damage the phone's battery thereby voiding Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.

Ensure the software on your Nokia smartphone is updated to the latest available software:

  • Go to Settings > System > Advanced
  • Select System update
  • Select Check for update
  • Wait for the search to finish and follow the instructions to complete the software update
  • If your phone is up to date, you will see a message that reads “Your system is up to date”

Keep all of your apps up to date by opening the Play Store app and heading to My Apps and games. This will check for updates for your apps and help to fix any existing app issues.

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