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Don’t jut throw away your old phone and accessories. Instead, send them to us for peace of mind that they will be safely and securely disposed of at no cost to you.

Make a recycling request

Can I recycle my old phone?

We are able to take any of your old or unwanted phones to safely and securely recycle or dispose of them. If you suspect the battery in your device is damaged in any way, please contact us before sending your device. Damaged batteries cannot be transported and should be safely disposed of in your local area.

Do I need to pay anything to recycle my old phone?

Sending your phone to us for recycling is completely free. Devices are recycled or disposed of safely and securely.

Should I remove the data from my phone when recycling it?

It is always advised to remove user data from the phone before sending it in for repair or recycling. Whilst we take every precaution to securely erase your data, we cannot be responsible for any loss or unauthorised access to the data on the phones.

Can I get my phone back if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, once we receive devices, they are processed through our facility for recycling and cannot be returned.

I want to send my device for recycling. How should I prepare my phone for shipping?

After requesting disposal of your device using the form, you will receive an email confirmation and instructions on how to prepare your phone for safe transportation. It is important to follow these carefully and to print and attach the provided AWB (air waybill) to the packaging.

In which countries is the online recycling service available?

Our online recycling service is currently available across the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

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