Nokia 150 new model

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Nokia 150 (2023) feature phones
Nokia 150 (2023) feature phones
Nokia 150

The premium-design feature phone

Nokia 150

From HMD - makers of Nokia phones

The feature phone that’s a cut above the rest. Nokia 150 boasts a modern, premium design while holding up against the knocks of everyday life. With a long-lasting battery and ergonomic shape, you can talk or text comfortably for hours. Capture moment with the rear camera, or kick back with some music.

Full specifications

Quality that shows

Its premium and robust build quality make Nokia 150 stand out among feature phones.

Talk and text more

The battery delivers hours of talk time while the tactile keymat makes it easy to send messages.

Music when you want

Featuring an MP3 player¹ and radio that you can play through your headset or the loudspeaker.

Rear camera

Capture moments with the rear camera² and flash. Save your shots to a MicroSD card (sold separately).

Nokia 150 (2023) made with tough materials

Stands the tests of time

A phone that lasts needs a timeless look. Pairing a sleek design with metallic navigation keys, Nokia 150 achieves exactly that. And thanks to the body’s tough materials and inherent color, everyday wear and tear won’t stand out.

Keep talking

Let hours of good conversation carry you through the day with the 1450 mAh battery.³ Thanks to the phone’s ergonomic design, you’ll enjoy a comfortable grip for the whole conversation. With the tactile keyboard and space for up to 1500 contacts and 500 SMS messages, you can message as much as you want.

Nokia 150 (2023) with plenty of battery
Nokia 150 (2023) with plenty of battery

Any time is a good time for music

Tune into local stations with FM radio, or enjoy the tracks of your choice with the MP3 player. Either way, you can use headphones or the built-in loudspeaker for music around the clock.

MP3 player on Nokia 150 (2023)
MP3 player on Nokia 150 (2023)

Capture life’s best bits

You never know which moments could become treasured memories. With the rear camera and flash, you’re always ready to snap a photo. And, because they save to your MicroSD card (sold separately),¹ you can upload them to your computer to keep them safe and share them around.

Rear camera on Nokia 150 (2023)
Rear camera on Nokia 150 (2023)

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¹ MP3 player requires MicroSD card, sold separately.

² Camera requires MicroSD card, sold separately.

³ Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery capacity reduces over time. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced.