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HMD 105


Reliability in phone form

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HMD 110


A tough feature phone with flair

NOKIA 3210

An icon reborn

Nokia 225 4G (2024)

Don’t judge it by its size

Nokia 230 (2024)

Strong. Sleek. Battery for weeks.

Nokia 6310 (2024)

Classic for a reason

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Nokia 130 (2023)

For long calls and loud audio

Nokia 150 (2023)

The premium-design feature phone

Nokia 110 (2023)

Make the most of every moment

Nokia 105 (2023)

Quality that keeps you connected

Nokia 106 (2023)

For quality connections and more

Nokia 105 4G (2023)

For long lasting connections

Nokia 110 4G (2023)

Quality you can feel

Nokia 8210 4G

Stay connected in style

Nokia 5710 XA

Audio that rewrites the rules

Nokia 2660 Flip

Welcome to the flip side

Nokia 110 (2022)

Stay entertained all day

Nokia 6310

The icon has returned

Nokia 110 4G (2021)

Quality, reliability and HD voice calls

Nokia 105 4G (2021)

HD voice calls, easy to use.

Nokia 6300 4G

The social, 4G feature phone

Nokia 8000 4G

Stay in touch, stay in style

Nokia 215

Have fun with 4G

Nokia 225 4G

Premium design plus 4G perks

Nokia 125

Keep boredom at bay

Nokia 150

All the essentials

Nokia 110 (2019)

Talk, play and snap

Nokia 2720 Flip

Classic Flip meets 4G

Nokia 105 (2019)

Connect for longer

Nokia 220 4G

A classic with HD calling

Nokia 210

A classic, now with internet

Nokia 106 (2018)

For those long catch-ups

Nokia 8110 4G

Your ergonomic 4G hotspot