Nokia 215 4G (2024)

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Nokia 215 4G (2024) feature phoneNokia 215 4G (2024) feature phone

Play the long game

Nokia 215 4G

A modern feature phone with Bluetooth and a battery like the good old days.

Nokia 215 4G (2024)

From HMD - makers of Nokia phones

Boasting a timeless design with modern touches, Nokia 215 4G (2024) makes quite an entrance. It’s got durability. It’s got Snake. And, of course, it’s got a battery that lasts. Hook it up with Bluetooth® and get the music going. Plus, the new Cloud Apps portal brings you videos, news and more.¹

Full specifications

News, weather, and videos

Stay entertained and up to date with the Cloud Apps portal.¹

Bluetooth® connectivity

Connect to earbuds or a speaker and get the music going.

Long-lasting battery

Charge less with a battery life that can power on for days.

Play Snake

Fire up the classic game and try to beat your high score.


Say “goodbye” to boredom

Hook your Nokia 215 4G (2024) up to Bluetooth® speakers or earbuds and get the tunes going with the MP3 player1 or FM radio. Up for a challenge? Fire up the Snake game. Your high score won’t beat itself.

Nokia 215 (4G) feature phone with Snake
Nokia 215 (4G) feature phone with Snake

Day in, day out.

Charge less and live more. With plenty of battery life, Nokia 215 4G (2024) can power on and on for days.

Nokia 215 (2024) with long-lasting battery
Nokia 215 (2024) with long-lasting battery

Durable by design

Nokia 215 4G (2024) can take a few knocks, just like the old phones. And although it gives you those retro vibes, its striking design and vibrant colors are unmistakably modern. It’s the best of both worlds.

Nokia 215 (2024) with a durable build
Nokia 215 (2024) with a durable build
Take a digital detox with Nokia 215 (2024)
Joy of missing out

If it’s important, they’ll call or text

We had fewer apps in the noughties. Fewer channels to be present on. But were we any less in touch? Strip away today’s notifications from likes, shares, and comments, and what you’re left with are conversations with people you care about the most.

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