Nokia 6310 (2024)

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Classic for a reason

Nokia 6310

Back with modern perks, accessibility features, and the design you know and love.

Nokia 6310 (2024) feature phone

Nokia 6310 (2024)

From HMD - makers of Nokia phones

Relive the good old days with Nokia 6310, remade for today, but with its classic design intact. With its tough build and battery that goes for whole weeks on standby, it’s a phone you can count on. Nokia 6310 has a clear, curved 2.8” screen and accessibility features, making it a breeze to call, text, play Snake and fire up the radio.

Full specifications

Easy to use

Zoomed in menus, accessibility mode and more.

Robust build

Improved battery, that lasts for weeks¹ between charges.

Enjoy the view

Nokia 6310 features an improved 2.8” QVGA IPS display.


Enjoy the FM radio or fire up the legendary Snake game.

Nokia 6310 (2024) accessibility features


Easy to see, easy to use

No more squinting at your phone. Nokia 6310 comes with zoomed in menus and larger font options for better readability. Accessibility mode can automatically set up a one-icon view, further increase font size and up the volume to max. You two are going to get along great.


Designed for today and everyday

Nokia 6310 sits perfectly in your palm, but if it slips, don’t worry – its robust build means it can take a knock. Here’s another weight off your mind: the big 1450 mAh² makes panic charging a thing of the past.

Nokia 6310 (2024) with a robust build


Enjoy the view

Nokia 6310 features an improved 2.8” QVGA IPS display. So, calling, texting and playing games all looks bright and clear.

Nokia 6310 (2024) with a 2.8” QVGA IPS display


It’s all fun and games

Enjoy a bit of down-time? Nokia 6310 is right there with you. It comes with the classic Snake game as well as a wireless FM radio, so you can enjoy music and catch up on news and sport – no headset needed.

Nokia 6310 (2024) with the classic Snake game
Digital detox with Nokia 6310 (2024)

Joy of missing out

If it’s important, they’ll call or text

We had fewer apps in the noughties. Fewer channels to be present on. But were we any less in touch? Strip away today’s notifications from likes, shares, and comments, and what you’re left with are conversations with people you care about the most.

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¹ Standby time up to 27 days in laboratory conditions as tested by HMD Global Oy

² Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery capacity reduces over time. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced.

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