Nokia 5310 (2024)

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Nokia 5310 (2024) feature phone

Big on music

Nokia 5310

A fresh face for an audio icon

Nokia 5310 (2024)

From HMD - makers of Nokia phones

A blast from the past. Nokia 5310 rocks the nostalgic Xpress music design, complete with dedicated music buttons, dual front-facing speakers, and Bluetooth® connectivity. Tune in to your own tracks with the MP3 player¹ or local stations. Why not play a game of Snake between playlists? It’s all powered by a battery that goes for weeks on standby².

Full specifications

Iconic design

Better 2.8” IPS display, same comfortable buttons and grip.

Made for music

Dedicated music control buttons and dual front-facing speakers.

Extended battery life

Keep the party going with a large 1450 mAh³ battery.

Digital detox

Concentrate on what you care about the most.


An old favorite returns.

Nokia 5310 is back with a bigger and better 2.8” IPS display and more battery life than its predecessor. But some things haven’t changed, like its easy-to-use buttons, smooth curves, and a comfortable grip. Nokia 5310 is a new take on an old favorite – an iconic design with a fresh face.

Nokia 5310 (2024) with 2.8” display and easy-to-use buttons


Music to your ears.

Stay connected with a battery that lasts for weeks in standby mode or for hours of call time without charging. Plus, with the powerful dual front-facing speakers, you’ll hear every call, loud and clear.

Audio features on Nokia 5310 (2024)


Let the music play…

Nothing kills the vibe like your music cutting out. That’s why Nokia 5310 features a large 1450 mAh³ battery to keep it going. So go ahead and hit that Play button.

Nokia 5310 (2024) with a big 1450 mAh battery
Digital detox with Nokia 5310 (2024)

Joy of missing out

If it’s important, they’ll call or text.

We had fewer apps in the noughties. Fewer channels to be present on. But were we any less in touch? Strip away today’s notifications from likes, shares, and comments, and what you’re left with are conversations with people you care about the most.

¹ MicroSD card required, sold separately.

² Standby time up to 27 days in laboratory conditions as tested by HMD Global Oy.

³ Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery capacity reduces over time. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced.

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