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Nokia Cradle

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Nokia Cradle

From HMD - makers of Nokia phones

Stay charged, connected and in control with the Nokia Cradle – the ultimate companion for your Nokia 2660 Flip. With a modest yet refined design, the Cradle delivers on our signature build quality and is perfect for a desk or countertop. Charging is easy, too. Simply place your Nokia 2660 Flip in the Cradle and connect using the button. You’ll still be able to check the time and see incoming calls on Nokia 2660 Flip’s display. Plus, you can forget about ever losing your phone again – when it’s in the Cradle, you’ll always know where it is. See, easy.

Full specifications



Size & weight


51.87 mm


80 g


87.85 mm



Nokia 2660 Flip


Connects via bottom connector

USB connection:

Micro USB

Environmental profile

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