Nokia Wired Headphones

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Nokia Wired Headphones

From HMD - makers of Nokia phones

Enjoy the pumping bass combined with the powerful sound of Nokia Wired Headphones. With their lightweight foldable design and comfortable cushions, they’re the perfect listening companion when you're on the go

Full specifications

Powerful sound, built for comfort

High-quality 40 mm drivers deliver extra bass and bigger sound.

Convenience on the go

Seamlessly foldable for easy transportation and storage.

Bigger bass, longer listening

Experience the powerful sound and pumping bass of Nokia Wired Headphones with their high-quality 40 mm drivers. And stay in control with hands-free calling and your go-to Smart Voice Assistant whenever you’re on the move.

Designed to move

Going somewhere? With their lightweight foldable design, complete with custom-fit and over-the-ear comfortable cushions, Nokia Wired Headphones are perfect for bringing wherever your listening journeys take you

Full specifications




Size & weight


203 mm


188 g


175 mm


Ergonomic design:

Light weight, soft cushion and adjustable arm for custom fit. Foldable for easy transportation and storage.

Headphone type:

Over the Ear



40 mm large driver with great bass performance, Adjustable headband for custom fit, Foldable for easy storage and convenience on the go, Microphone for hands-free calls, Smart Voice Assistant

Headphone jack:
3.5 mm



Enhanced entertainment with high quality 40mm driver for extra bass.


Cable length:
120 cm

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Environmental profile

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