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OEMConfig Privacy Supplement

Effective January 31, 2023

This statement supplements HMD Global’s B2B Privacy Policy. This Privacy Supplement describes how HMD’s OEMConfig application functions considering your privacy.

OEMConfig is an application used to configure devices provided by HMD. Configuration means that OEMConfig is used to arrange the device’s functional units in accordance with their characteristics and applicable settings to maximize the performance and suitability of the device for a specific purpose. In order to function, OEMConfig requires access to system settings of the device such as display brightness and media volume. The access is necessary to compare the hardware and software configuration to the settings and make changes if necessary.

OEMConfig is used to process all configuration data on the device, and device data is only processed for the duration of configuring the device. HMD does not record, store, transmit, or otherwise process any information accessed by OEMConfig which could relate to an identified or identifiable natural person. OEMConfig does not process any kind of personal data, but it is used for configuration purposes only.

OEMConfig is a so-called headless application which means that it runs without a graphical user interface. The configuration can be determined in a separate application or service which might be subject to separate privacy notices or policies. Each HMD’s application is provided with applicable privacy notice if personal data is processed.

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