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Classic Nokia phones: A deep dive into 7 mobile phone legends

published on 5 min read
The iconic Nokia 3310

Mobile phones have come leaps and bounds. But let’s not forget the OG devices that paved the way.

In the ever-evolving saga of mobile phones, some devices stand out as real game-changers. Looking back, a good number of those renegades were Nokia phones. So, as we wrap up the year, let’s dive into the deep history of the seven most iconic Nokia phones – the veritable rockstars of their era. Here we go.

In a world where fragility ruled, the Nokia 3310 quickly made a name for itself as a phone that seemed to scoff at the very idea of breaking. Released in the early 2000s, Nokia 3310 wasn't just a phone; it laughed in the face of gravity and dared you to drop it. But its character wasn't defined by its toughness alone.

Snake, custom ringtones, and tough love

Nokia 3310 wasn't just about durability; it was about the simple pleasures of life. Snake turned mundane moments into epic adventures, and those customizable ringtones let everyone in the room know that you weren't just taking a call; you were making a statement. Nokia 3310 wasn't just a phone; it was an attitude, a yell in the face of delicate technology.

Today's Nokia 3310 in Red
Today's version of the iconic Nokia 3310

2. Nokia 3210: Style with a side of rebellion

Fast forward to the late '90s, which welcomed in the Nokia 3210 – a phone that wasn't content with just making calls; it wanted to make waves. This was a phone that blended style with a touch of rebellion. It wasn't just a communication device; it was a fashion statement that said, "I don't follow trends; I set them."

Interchangeable covers, Predictive text, and no antenna eyesores

Nokia 3210 wasn't afraid to show off its personality. Interchangeable covers allowed you to dress it up in whatever mood you were in – punk rock or business chic. Predictive text input gave you a taste of the future, saving you from the agony of tapping each key multiple times. And let's not forget the internal antennas – because who needs antenna eyesores when you can have a sleek, design?

3. Nokia 8110: The Banana Phone

If Neo had a sidekick, – it would be the Nokia 8110 This phone didn't just slide into your life; it made an entrance. Released in the '90s, it was the epitome of futuristic cool. But beyond the cinematic fame, Nokia 8110 was a rebel with a cause.

Sliding covers, banana chic, and cyberpunk vibes

The sliding cover wasn't just a gimmick; it was a power move. Opening that cover to answer a call; felt like stepping into the future. And the banana-shaped form factor was another touch that set it apart, refusing to conform to the blockier shapes more common with mobile phones at the time. Nokia 8110 was part of a cyberpunk dream against the mundane.

Nokia 8110 4G Banana Phone
Today's "Banana phone," Nokia 8110 4G

4. Nokia N95: The Multimedia Marauder

Fast forward to the mid-2000s and Nokia N95 landed – a phone that was more than just your means of communication – it wanted to be your multimedia maestro. This pocket-sized revolution was a device that said, "Why settle for less when you can have it all?"

Advanced camera, GPS magic, and sliding form factor

Nokia N95 wasn't satisfied with being a one-trick pony. It packed an advanced camera, turning your phone into a pocket-sized photo studio. GPS capabilities meant you weren't just making calls; you were navigating life. And the slider? Sleek, compact, and practical – a reminder that you were holding a multimedia marvel.

5. Nokia N9: Swipe left on the ordinary

As the industry ventured into the smartphone era, Nokia N9 emerged in 2011. And when it did, it flipped the script. Here’s how.

Swipe-based UI, Unibody Chic, and Meego Mystery

Nokia N9 didn't play by the rules of button-centric interfaces. Instead, it introduced a swipe-based user interface that felt like a fresh new approach. The sleek unibody design was comfortable to hold, but also made a bold statement. And, the Meego operating system totally stood out from the crowd.

6. Nokia XpressMusic 5710: The beat-driven maverick

In the line-up of iconic phones, there's an unsung hero that marched to the beat of its own drum – Nokia XpressMusic 5710. Released during the music-centric era of the mid-2000s, it seamlessly integrated on-the-go music features to a mobile phone.

Dedicated Music Keys, dynamic design, and a sonic rebellion

Nokia XpressMusic 5710 was equipped with dedicated music keys, effectively making it a pocket-sized jukebox. This was a showcase of how design is about more than just aesthetics – not only did it look like a sonic rebel, but it also lived up to that image with its music-first functionality.

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio
Today's Nokia 5710 XpressAudio

7. Nokia Asha 210: The Budget Baller

In a world dominated by feature phones and straightforward smartphones, Nokia Asha 210 emerged as the “people's phone.” With a physical QWERTY keyboard, a dedicated WhatsApp button, and a price tag that didn't break the bank, it’s no surprise that this became something of a working-class hero. It said, "connectivity is a right, not a luxury."

Physical QWERTY, WhatsApp button, and pocket-friendly

Nokia Asha 210 wasn't interested in the frills and fuss. It gave you a physical QWERTY keyboard, making texting a breeze. The dedicated WhatsApp button was a welcome feature that embraced the changing landscape of communication. Finally, the budget-friendly price tag was turned the tables on the idea that connectivity should always come at a hefty cost. Nokia Asha 210 wasn't just a phone – it was a mini budget baller inviting everyone to the party.

Nokia phones have a history of going against the ordinary

As we wrap up this odyssey, one thing is abundantly clear – these phones flew in the face of the ordinary. From the nigh unbreakable Nokia 3310 to the budget baller Nokia Asha 210, Nokia phones rocked the mobile phone world. Now, let’s take a look at the Nokia phones setting trends today.

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