HMD Fusion Development Toolkit V1.0

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HMD Fusion ​Development Toolkit V1.0​

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At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, we announced HMD Fusion - a radically new and innovative approach to smartphones and what they can do.

The Development Toolkit is intended to provide key details of the physical design dimensions, hardware interface, and software development APIs that are to enable development of smart outfits for HMD Fusion.

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To download the development toolkit please click the link here:

HMD Fusion Development Toolkit V1.0 (PDF)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Exact specification and details of the hardware interface provided in this Development Toolkit are not final and are provided for concepting and design purposes only.

We will release an update to this Development Toolkit with the final dimensions and exact tolerances needed for engineering/fabrication of smart outfits closer to the release date of HMD Fusion.

Have questions?

For questions related to the design and development of HMD Fusion smart outfits we have a dedicated category on our HMD Discord server.

Visit the HMD Discord community
Smart outfits

HMD Fusion will feature next-generation design innovation including built-in hardware connectors that enable endless new applications to extend the functionality of HMD Fusion

with what we are calling “smart outfits”.

It’s your turn

Our vision is to open up the world of possibilities by providing you with the design specifications and technical specifications necessary to create smart outfits


This is the first version of the toolkit. We will be releasing new updates with additional information and details.

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