HMD Aura

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HMD Aura smartphone

HMD Aura

HMD Aura gives you more than you’d expect for the price. Great snaps, smoother performance, and the full, secure, Android™ 13.

Ticks all of the boxes


    No need to raid the piggy bank for

    style and substance.

    Affordable HMD Aura smartphone

    Simple-to-use camera means you can

    just start snapping.

    HMD Aura smartphone with dual camera

    Enough memory to

    run apps nice and smoothly.

    HMD Aura with plenty of memory
    Android 13

    Two years of updates will

    help keep your data safe.

    HMD Aura smartphone with Android 13

Precious snaps made perfectly simple

When inspiration strikes, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with the camera settings. HMD Aura has a few simple-to-use modes, so you can pick the best one and just start snapping. Don’t let the moment pass you by.


Press this to go faster

HMD Aura can handle everyday tasks with ease. But if you want to give it a little boost, you can add up to 4 GB of memory using virtual RAM, and watch as your browsing, streaming, and multitasking really takes off. If only everything had a button like that.

HMD Aura smartphone with memory extension
HMD Aura smartphone with memory extension
HMD Aura smartphone with Android 13

Works like a charm

With the full Android 13 software, HMD Aura is simply a pleasure to use. With that said, it doesn’t think kindly of internet nasties – two years of regular security updates will help keep your data safe against the latest threats.

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