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HMD T21 tabletHMD T21 tabletHMD T21 tablet


Built to outlast boredom

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Get ready for heaps of fun with HMD T21! Dive deep into entertainment on the clear 10” display and loud, clear audio. Feel the creative vibes with active pen support, and amp up productivity with more screen real estate for your computer. And it’s here to stick around – the long-lasting battery that can go for 4 years of charges¹ before any noticeable power loss.

HMD T21 tablet with big display and immersive audio

Built to outlast boredom

The word “bored” is not in the vocabulary of HMD T21. Its big display and immersive audio make sure you’re in for a good time. It won’t break stride from minor knocks, and its long-lasting battery won’t have you scrambling for a power outlet.


Fortress of Security

Bank, surf, and shop online fearlessly! With monthly security updates until the summer of 2027,² we've got your back in the digital realm.

HMD T21 tablet with monthly security updates
HMD T21 tablet with monthly security updates
HMD T21 tablet as a second PC screen

Your versatile buddy

Whether it's business or pleasure, HMD T21 has your back. Get creative with active pen support³ or use it as a second screen for your Windows PC. HD video calling? Oh, we've got that covered too!

Google Kids Space

Learn and play, safely.

Google Kids Space is the cherry on top – a space designed to nurture your kid's curiosity and creativity. Explore their interests with recommended apps, books, and videos, all of which is easily managed by Family Link Parental Controls.

HMD T21 tablet with Google Kids Space
HMD T21 tablet with Google Kids Space

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¹ Battery has been tested by HMD Global to maintain at least 80% of its original capacity after 800 full charging cycles. If charging your phone every other day, this means up to 4 years of battery life.

² From the global launch date of HMD T21.

³ Compatible with active pens using WGP and/or AES 2.0 technology.

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