Nokia Luna feature phone 4G

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Nokia 110 4G feature phone
Nokia 110 4G feature phone
Nokia 110 4G

Quality you can feel

Nokia 110 4G

From HMD - makers of Nokia phones

A quality conversation starts with a quality phone. Nokia 110 4G boasts premium design that comes through in every touch. And, with HD voice support,¹ you’ll hear and be heard clearly on your calls. Listen to your favorite tracks on the go with the MP3 player and MicroSD card slot.² Listening, talking or taking photos, the long-lasting battery will see you through.

Full specifications

Premium design

Featuring a textured finish for a fabulous look and feel.

Hear and be heard

HD voice calling¹ supported by 4G. It will feel as if you’re in the same room.

Capture and share

Snap with the rear camera² and share with 4G or Bluetooth.

Easy to see and simple to use

Increase the font size and zoom-in the interface on the bright, clear display.

Nokia 110 4G with its nano pattern finish

Feels as fabulous as it looks

With its nano pattern finish, it’s scratch resistant and feels great in your palm. What’s more, it boasts an unmistakably classic design with sleek, modern touches.

Works like a charm

Staying in touch has never been easier. From its tactile keypad to its ease-of-use features, Nokia 110 4G makes conversations easy for anyone.

A range of features on the Nokia 110 4G
A range of features on the Nokia 110 4G
Nokia 110 4G with a long-lasting battery

Never cut a good conversation short

Nokia 110 4G delivers hours of talk time thanks to its 1450 mAh³ battery. On standby, it can go for weeks, so you’re virtually always reachable. Plus, the battery saver feature takes you even further between charges.

Radio and MP3 player on Nokia 110 4G

Let the music play

Tune in to FM radio with or without a headset. Want your own playlists? With the MP3 player and MicroSD card slot, you can take your favorite songs with you on the go.

The built-in flashlight on Nokia 110 4G

Packed with features

Nokia 110 4G comes prepared with Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in torch, camera, an Opera Mini internet browser and pre-loaded games.

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¹ The actual availability of HD calls is subject to local operators’ and carriers’ services and HMD's support for a particular operator.

² Requires MicroSD card, sold separately.

³ Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery capacity reduces over time. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced.

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