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Designed to go further, Nokia G11’s three-day battery life makes doing more for longer easy

Built to go the distance, the latest G-series smartphone offers long-lasting battery life, robust security updates and two years of the latest Android™ OS without costing the earth

published on 5 min read
  • Love it: Three-day battery life so you can go further for longer
  • Trust it: Twice as many security updates as competition¹ to help keep important data protected, plus a free 30-day ExpressVPN access for added security
  • Keep it: Built using industry-recognised rigorous testing and comes with two years of software upgrades for the latest Android experience

ESPOO, FINLAND, 14th FEBRUARY 2022 – HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces the latest addition to the G-series family, the Nokia G11. The smartphone is a new challenger in the affordable smartphone market.

The Nokia G11’s three-day battery life² pushes the boundaries of the mid-range market, and it offers more security updates than competitor smartphones in the same price bracket.

“The G-series is our heartland; it’s what we’re known for; affordable devices that can go the distance from hardware to software. With quality materials and regular security updates, and software upgrades, the Nokia G11 is no exception. This means you can keep your device for longer. Your Nokia smartphone will still be as fresh as the day it arrived, reducing the need for unnecessary upgrades, which in turn, reduces our environmental impact.”

— Florian Seiche, CEO at HMD Global

Ensuring your data is kept as safe as possible, the Nokia G11 comes with three years of monthly security updates. The handset’s security offering is one of the most robust on the market, offering twice as many security updates as competition.

Introducing Mask mode to affordable smartphones – available for the first time on the Nokia G11, it ensures the convenience of face unlock is never disrupted – keep your data safe with or without a protective face mask.

Also, this smartphone is Android 12 ready, so the latest innovations of Android are just a hand’s reach away. From new features to optimised performance, the Nokia G11’s experience will stay fresher for longer. ³

Industry-leading partners support HMD Global for best-in-class experiences. The Nokia G11 comes readily available with the popular apps Spotify and ExpressVPN. Spotify will give Nokia smartphone owners access to 70 million tracks and 3.2 million podcasts out of the box, perfect for creating the ultimate family playlist for quality time.⁴ For enhanced privacy and added peace of mind, ExpressVPN will be available on all new Nokia smartphones with a 30-day free trial. ⁵

The impressive three-day battery life is perfect for those who want to go about their day without worrying about how much battery they have left. Capturing more memories with the family or watching all of your favourite shows is made easy with the Nokia G11.

Turn on the all-new bespoke Super Battery Saver mode to make your phone last even longer⁶ – available exclusively on selected Nokia phones. You can even choose where exactly the energy savings are made, so you can still access key features that are needed. The Nokia G11 also allows for this feature to be switched on at 20%, rather than waiting until it dips down to 10%, as per the standard Android solution, enabling you to prolong it even further.

For the first time on a Nokia G-series device, users can now stream Netflix in HD, making for optimum streaming of all your favourite movies and TV shows on-the-go on the Nokia G11.

The Nokia G11 comes with an all-new design that’s even more ergonomic and thinner than previous smartphones. Made from a tough polycarbonate, the new design still retains the iconic Nokia smartphone durability and excellence people have come to expect.

For extra peace of mind, the Nokia G11 Clear Case will show off your phone’s beauty. It’s made from 100% recycled materials and can also be recycled after use.

Memories are made in both the day and the night, and with the Nokia G11, you’ll be able to capture every moment in stunning detail with the triple-rear camera. Using AI technology, everything from family portraits to solo selfies will look their best in a range of environments. Also, with AI Super Resolution mode, the Nokia G11 elevates the zoom quality of your shots for a striking result.

To offer choice, the newest headphones come in wired and wireless versions. Built for comfort, the Nokia Wireless Headphones and Nokia Wired Headphones deliver extra powerful bass thanks to high-quality 40mm drivers. The super lightweight design features soft over-ear cushioning and a foldable arm for extra comfort and convenience. Easy, hands-free calling and smart voice assistant support ⁷ makes for a seamless experience whether you’re working or blasting your favourite tunes.

If wireless is the way to go for you, rest assured the Nokia Wireless Headphones will keep up with your plans – enjoy up to 62 hours of uninterrupted listening on single charge.

Offering clear sound and comfortable fit at ultra-high value, the new Nokia Go Earbuds2 + are truly wireless and come with environmental noise cancellation (ENC) eliminating background noise for great voice clarity in calls. IPX4 rating means they are sweat and splash resistant – combined with 24-hour playtime, they will see you through even the rainiest of days. Coming with a simple touch pad for controlling your audio and Fast Pair so you can instantly connect to your Android device.

Take it a step further with the all-new Nokia Go Earbuds2 Pro – coming with low latency gaming and video mode, you can enjoy no audio delay for an immersive multimedia experience.

For further information, please contact HMD Global press office:


¹ Starting from the global launch, the Nokia G11 receives 36 security updates in total. Other smartphones in the same price bracket receive, on average, up to 16 security updates during their life cycle.

² Based on a real-life usage test by HMD Global. See more info at http://www.hmd.com/nokia-G-11

³ Comes with two years of OS updates


⁵ See here for more details: Spotify & ExpressVPN

⁶ Compared to standard Android Battery Saver mode

⁷ Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant