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HMD Global announces strong momentum and accelerated growth for its Services business, building on 1 million subscriptions milestone

published on 3 min read

ESPOO, FINLAND, 28 February 2022 - After six quarters of growth¹, HMD Global has announced that its Services business will see significant growth and scale in 2022 with projected one million subscriptions to its suite of services in H1 2022. This milestone marks an inflection point in the scale of HMD Global’s connectivity, EMM, IoT and security offerings and positions the company for greater penetration into the enterprise space in the coming years.

Industry veteran Janne Lehtosalo has overseen the growth of the HMD Global Services offering since its inception in Q4 2019 and will continue to build on these successes to launch the Services business into further accelerated and intelligent growth at scale in 2022 and beyond. Listening to and working in close collaboration with its enterprise customers across the globe has refined the HMD offering and the company is now a vital partner in these customers’ connectivity journeys.

The one million subscriptions are split between the three core products (Connect Pro, Enable Pro, and Softlock) and are made up of IoT connections, EMM licences, and device lock licences. Building on its renowned portfolio of enterprise smartphones and tablets, the HMD Services offering has bolstered HMD’s enterprise capabilities to become a one-to-shop for complete enterprise mobility and IoT connectivity. Customers such as Nokia Enterprise Solutions, M-KOPA in Sub-Saharan African and Multilaser in Brazil have utilized HMD Services to give them the flexibility to rapidly scale their operations and drive business growth.

“We see the Enterprise sector as a significant opportunity for growth for HMD Global in 2022 and beyond. Despite seeing significant expansion over the last year – and achieving HMD’s first full year of profitability 2 – we are setting our sights higher for the future. The positive response we have had from customers has been very encouraging, and the new scale of our offerings will see us expand further and faster without compromising on the exceptional level of service our clients come to expect from us.

I am excited to announce that our services portfolio includes a secure device financing solution for smartphones and other devices. At HMD, we are bringing together these two ingredients, a high-quality smartphone experience and a financing solution which builds upon our mission to make modern mobile technology accessible to everyone.”

— Florian Seiche, CEO, HMD Global

“Our range of enterprise IoT offerings has already made a significant impact on multiple industries including logistics, healthcare, and financial technology around the globe. Following the 1 million subscription milestone, we believe we will be better positioned to further grow our offering to more industries, better serve our existing clients, and bring new services to the market. We’re excited to have hit this inflection point and are proud that we are able to consistently offer them unparalleled services regardless of where they are on the globe.”

— Janne Lehtosalo, Vice President of Services, HMD Global

Jesse Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of M-KOPA, a prominent and fast-growing fintech platform providing a connected financing solution for smartphones and other devices in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana who utilise HMD’s Softlock technology to create the foundation of their business model said:

“HMD’s Softlock solution have allowed us to rapidly scale up our smartphone solution across Sub-Saharan Africa. Regardless of volume, the technology is robust and reliable, and the team are both knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs as a growing business.”

— Jesse Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of M-KOPA

Fabiano Favero, Product Director Tablet & Mobile at Multilaser, a Brazilian manufacturer and distributor working with HMD Global as a reseller of HMD Enable Pro for Android for the public sector said:

“The ability to utilise such an advanced Enterprise Mobility Management solution across multiple device types and brands is invaluable to us. HMD’s reliability and responsiveness has meant that we are able to fully trust that KPIs will be met and therefore roll out the solution to a high volume of users with confidence.”

— Fabiano Favero, Product Director Tablet & Mobile at Multilaser

“Our long-standing relationship with HMD Global has enabled us to co-create solutions that bring value-add to our customers, offering the most cutting-edge devices, tools and capabilities to help enterprises accelerate their Industry 4.0 transformation”

— Shkumbin Hamiti, Head of Devices and Spectrum, Nokia Enterprise Solutions

For further information, please contact HMD Global press office: https://www.hmd.com/press-contact

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