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Introducing Nokia G22 – the first Nokia smartphone with repairability at its core

Made with a 100% recycled plastic back, Nokia G22 delivers purposeful design enabling affordable repairs and access to parts in collaboration with iFixit

published on 4 min read
HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces Nokia G22, the first Nokia smartphone with repairability at its core, taking signature Nokia phone longevity to the next level. Thanks to its repairable design, you can keep Nokia G22 for even longer, with the ability to replace a damaged display, bent charging port or flat battery – even after the phone’s warranty has expired.

In collaboration with iFixit, Nokia G22 can be repaired with step-by-step repair guides and affordable replacement parts starting at PRICE. Made with a 100% recycled plastic back, in playful two-tone, Nokia G22 is also built and packaged with sustainability in mind.

“People value sustainable, quality devices and they shouldn’t have to compromise on price to get it. We are continuing our journey towards more sustainable and longer-lasting devices. The new Nokia G22 is purposefully built with a repairable design and is packed with features that improve performance and longevity without extra cost.”

— Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing, HMD Global

“Nokia G22 is a step in the right direction, and we need more companies to follow their lead and prioritise sustainability in their product design. Battery issues, screen damage, and charging port problems are some of the most common issues that smartphone users face, so having the ability to easily replace these parts can save consumers time and money in the long run.”

— Kyle Wiens, CEO, iFixit

Nokia G22 has repairability in its DNA so you can keep your phone for even longer. Through the collaboration with iFixit, a global repair community, fixing your devices becomes more affordable and accessible. It gives people easy access to replacement parts, including battery, display and charging port, as well as tools, and repair guides to make repairing your device as straightforward as possible.

Whether you’re listening through wired headphones, or the speaker Nokia G22 brings better audio to your podcasts and playlists with OZO Playback, delivering enhanced bass and clearer sound. Plus, you can pump up the volume with Audio Boost mode when you still want to hear your favourite tracks or podcasts in noisy environments.

High-end imaging algorithms support the 50MP camera for even better pictures. To make taking epic photos easy from sunrise to sunset, Night, and Quick Night modes balance highlights and shadows just the right way for the perfect nighttime shot using the front and rear cameras. The 6.52” HD+ display is perfect for appreciating every detail.

Nokia G22 takes you further with up to three days of battery life and a battery that maintains over 80% of its original capacity even after 800 full charging cycles. Playful two-tone colours feature on a thinner body with a high gloss finish to give it a luxurious feel, whilst the matte metal camera base and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 adds extra durability.

On the inside, the Nokia G22 comes with 2 years of Android™ OS upgrades, three years of monthly security updates and extended three-year warranty at no extra cost.

Nokia G22 is packed with performance-optimising solutions like Auto Cleanup which helps your apps run even faster. And optional functions like One Press “clear all” to manually clear the cache for smoother usage and Excluded Apps which lets you pick and choose when and where the power goes at the press of a button.

Memory extension turns unused storage space into 2GB of additional short-term memory (RAM) allowing you to multitask smoothly and enjoy an experience that doesn’t slow down as new Android features arrive.

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, HMD Global Oy (“HMD”) is the home of Nokia phones. HMD’s mission is providing accessible connectivity for everyone. HMD designs and markets a range of smartphones and feature phones and an expanding portfolio of innovative service offerings. With an ongoing commitment to security, durability, reliability, and quality across its range, HMD is the proud exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones and tablets. For further information, see www.hmd.com.

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