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Colour me So Pink! HMD introduces stylish Pink new Nokia G42 5G

published on 3 min read
  • This affordable smartphone comes with multiple lives thanks to DIY at home repairability in a fashionable pink package
  • The average cost to repair a broken phone screen in the UK alone is £170
  • The 3-day battery² comes with four years of charges and fast charging

Following the success of the Nokia G42 5G So Purple, HMD, the maker of Nokia phones, unveils the Nokia G42 5G So Pink. This trendy and affordable pink smartphone can be repaired at home and has a battery that lasts for days, 5G¹ and a clear triple AI camera to snap away your day.

Coming hot off the heels of the Barbie movie which has painted the world pink, the Nokia G42 5G arrives in an on trend So Pink colour. It’s repairable and comes with 5G connectivity so you can snap, share, shop, stream in style.

“Repairable and fashionable – the new So Pink Nokia G42 5G ticks all the boxes. It does good and looks good. Why should repairable be dull? This 5G smartphone has a brilliant vibrant design that people will hopefully appreciate.”

Avoid expensive breakages or living with a cracked screen during current cost-of-living strains thanks to our new So Pink phone that can be repaired at home with iFixit’s DIY kits starting from £19, and handy step-by-step repair guides. You can fix a screen, a broken charging port, or replace a failing battery and back cover from the comfort of your own home.

Who needs batteries that struggle to last a day? This device has standout battery performance. With a whopping 3-day battery life², your Nokia G42 5G battery will keep 80% of its original capacity after 800 full charging cycles – that’s about four years of charges and it comes with 20 W USB-C fast charging.

This is a sturdy device; the screen is bright and clear with Gorilla 3 glass and an IP52 rating for protection against water sprays and dust. It has been rigorously tested for durability against everyday knocks. It arrives on Android™ 13 with the promise of three years of monthly security updates and 2 years of OS upgrades⁴.

The 50MP camera works with some of our smartest imaging AI to capture clear shots, even in tougher conditions. Portrait Mode brings your focus point into the limelight while Night Mode helps with quality shots after dark which can all be viewed on the 6.56” HD+ display. And with OZO 3D audio capture, your videos sound as good as they look.

Get answers. Share photos. Browse, shop, work and play – whatever being online means for you, 5G¹ connectivity powered by the Snapdragon® 480+ 5G Mobile Platform, gets you where you want to go, fast. Plus, with plenty of memory, loads of storage space and smart background optimisation, you can jump from one app to the other with no problems.

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, HMD Global Oy (“HMD”) is the home of Nokia phones. HMD’s mission is providing accessible connectivity for everyone. HMD designs and markets a range of smartphones and feature phones and an expanding portfolio of innovative service offerings. With an ongoing commitment to security, durability, reliability, and quality across its range, HMD is the proud exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones and tablets. For further information, see www.hmd.com.

Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. All specifications, features and other product information provided are subject to change without notice. Variations on offering may apply. Check local availability. Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC.

¹ 5G coverage is limited and might not be supported by your network service provider. Actual speed depends on network and other factors

² Based on a real-life usage test by HMD Global. See more info at https://www.hmd.com/nokia-g-42

³ Battery has been tested by HMD Global to maintain at least 80% of its original capacity after 800 full charging cycles.

⁴ From the global launch date of Nokia G42 5G