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HMD Pulse phones take the stage at fashionable events in Nairobi and Sydney

published on 3 min read
HMD Pulse event, Nairobi.

The first HMD original smartphones are here – and our team has pulled out all of the stops to bring fashionable innovation into the spotlight.

As the first HMD branded smartphones, we wanted to give HMD Pulse, HMD Pulse+ and HMD Pulse Pro all the spectacle and glamour they deserve. But two of our teams went above and beyond with exclusive events that put a particular emphasis on fashionable innovation. Check out some of the photos here.

Modeling the Phonecore Collection
Modeling the Phonecore Collection

HMD Pulse smartphones launch: Nairobi, Kenya

In Nairobi, HMD launched its first original smart phone range with style. The exclusive event at Zen Garden in April had a guest list of prominent local media, major HMD partners, media personalities, and audience influencers.

Keynote speakers included HMD’s Sanmeet Singh Kocchar, Vice President of AMEA, and Joseph Umunakwe, General Manager of the WECA region, and others from the team. Many high-profile trendsetters and social media personalities were sharing posts about the event, like this interview with Maureen Kambona, HMD Marketing Manager for the WECA region.

Trying out one of the new HMD Pulse smartphones
Trying out one of the new HMD Pulse smartphones

The event was a hit. It highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation and to serve diverse markets with excellence. And perhaps, most importantly, everyone loved the new smartphone lineup.

The guests arrived with interest and anticipation. They left with selfies and excitement.

Taking a selfie with a HMD Pulse smartphone
Brenden Folitarik, GM of Australia and Oceania for HMD, snaps a selfie.

HMD Pulse smartphones launch: Sydney, Australia

Held during Australian Fashion Week, the HMD Pulse range launch event was a tremendous success, attracting key lifestyle media, technology media, customers, and a wide array of lifestyle and fashion influencers. One notable guest even mentioned choosing this event over a prestigious fashion show – quite an honor!

The event opened with a presentation on HMD’s story and the launch of the HMD Pulse smartphones range, followed by a panel discussion led by Jamie Barbour, HMD Marketing Manger for Australia. It featured panel guests Kirralee Thompson, an Australian beauty and fashion influencer, and Emily Savage, Founder and Creative Director at First Colours.

Testing a HMD Pulse smartphone
Attendees get hands-on with a HMD Pulse smartphone

Thanks to our fashion-forward models and the fantastic DJ, the atmosphere was buzzing from start to finish. Some guests stayed to hang out long after the scheduled end until the venue asked us – politely, we might add – to move things along.

Which pics were your favorite?

Got a favorite phone from the HMD Pulse range? Or want to let us know which outfits slayed at the events? Join the discussion over on our Discord sever. Or, if you want to read more about the Phonecore Collection of accessories modeled in Nairobi, check out this post.

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