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HMD x Sinead Gorey: Phonecore Collection Revealed

published on 3 min read
London designer Sinead Gorey

The future of fashion has arrived: discover the Phonecore Collection, a brand-new HMD collaboration with the brilliant Sinead Gorey! 🌟✨​

This collection merges modern mobile technology with bold designs, crafted to inspire both tech lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike. 🌿💚 And, the pieces utilize natural and byproduct material to reduce their environmental footprint. Ready to wear the change?

Let’s hear from the creator of the Phonecore collection

Behind every bold collection, there's a story to tell. Join us as we go behind the scenes with the fabulous @sineadgoreylondon to get the inside scoop on the Phonecore collection, a unique collaboration with HMD.

Interview with Phonecore collection designer Sinead Gorey

Tell us a little about yourself!

Sinead: I'm a women's wear designer based in London. I would say that the brand is not exactly what you'd see in High Street stores, and is definitely much more contemporary.

What is Phonecore all about?

Sinead: The Phonecore collection is all about bringing tech and fashion together to kind of look at how it phones are becoming so integrated into our life and how we can bring that into a fashion accessory.

Tell us about the collection!

Sinead: So, the mini Mobile Backpack is a 3D printed product. It's a more sustainable way of creating accessories because it's energy efficient and doesn't produce much waste. And the bag is basically designed so you can wear it in multiple different ways.

The second item of the collection is the pair of Screen Shades, designed so that they replicate the look of the new HMD Pulse Pro. The shape of the lenses is the same ratio as the phone and its HD display. And, they're in the same color.

Item number three is the Phonecore Belt. It was designed with the idea of a workman's belt in mind. So the fact that it's very technical, you can add your phone into the pocket which pops off, then you can hold that within the pocket like a bit of a clutch bag.

One feature of the HMD Pulse phones is that you can repair them yourself at home with that iFixit kit.¹ So, another feature of the belt that we wanted to add was the possibility for lots of techie pockets you can pop on and off.

The Phonecore collection is all about bringing tech and fashion together.

— Sinead Gorey
HMD x Sinead Gorey Phonecore collection
HMD x Sinead Gorey Phonecore collection

Why did you choose to work with HMD?

Sinead: I feel like working with HMD has been great and we're both brands that are really innovative and ahead of the curve. So it's been great to work with brand that has the same ethos and helped me push the designs into a place where I wanted them to go to.

Which Phonecore accessory are you eyeing?

Call us curious, but we want to know which of these three items stands out for you – is it the ultra-cool Screen Shades; the super handy Mobile Backpack; or the Phonecore Belt that keeps your phone by your side? Join the conversation and let us know what you think about the Phonecore range over on our Discord sever.

¹ Details available at https://www.hmd.com/self-repair.

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